Owner Endorsements

David Barker, artist

Can’t wait for the speakers. I almost fell off my chair. He played me a classic piece (sic) tears came into my eyes. The speakers will give a new dimintion (sic) to my hearing.

Melissa Nutant, executive assistant

Outstanding! Amazing, unbelievable. So clear – bass – all ranges

Vladimir Meller, recording engineer

I can’t create this kind of pounding bass with four big sub-woofers. Greatest little speaker I ever heard. Highs are there, mids are there, bass is unbelievable

Paul Sloman, recording company executive

These speakers are amazing!

Katherine Paine, company owner and CEO

Of all the speakers I own, these are my favorite.

Jerry Held, cantor

After auditing many speaker systems, I have come to believe that Win Burhoe has created something unique – great clarity and wonderful presence.

Thomas Sheehan, piano technician and tuner

I remember the EPI line very well, especially the Model 100 which I used to recommend to all my friends in Boston. At the time I was chief piano technician at Berklee College of Music. Now that I’ve acquired these new speakers, I’m again entused about the work you’ve done and the products you have. They sound like musical instruments, not merely drivers pushing air!

Lou Gioia, financial officer

A killer pair of speakers that deliver great bottom end full of punch, warm mids and natural crisp highs. Once you own a pair, you will never listen to music the same way again.

Dick Tilton, professional musician

Since I have gotten the speakers, I have been listening to more recorded music than ever before in my life, because they are so transparent, full range without any listening fatigue. Absolutely like no other system I have ever owned, and I have owned a lot of them.

Joe Binsack, PHD, space scientist

I was content with my old speakers until I heard the (Silent Speakers). After I bought a pair, I was amazed to note that I could feel the bass they reproduced all over the house.