I have added a section where I am sharing my personal opinions about various matters which I think are important. This is the place to add your own comments.


  1. Richard W says:

    Please post suggestions for amplifiers you feel are an especially good for your speakers.

  2. Winslow says:

    Most likely, I do not have a Golden Ear. I am very happy with my VSP amp from a company long out of business. I have no familiarity with contemporary amps. Historically, I have preferred amps which do not require and do not use very much negative feedback.

  3. Paul Thompson says:

    Winslow…thank you for the amazing work you’ve done through the years in bringing the sound of music to epic levels.I have 2 pairs of EPI 100’s powered by a Harman Kardeon 330c and it has given me a whole new appreciation of the beauty of music.You definitely have a golden ear man!My friends ,some who have spent thousands on their system literally weep when they hear what I have.I’m saving my cash right now and beyond exited to grab a pair of you’re silent speakers.Rock on!!!

  4. Shayne Nelson says:

    It’s been over 30 years since I last read this book and so it’s like reading it for the first time. I’m really stunned by the total lucidity of the text, the economy of words without impairment of meaning. This lexicon is a perfect example of ‘small is beautiful’, a real education in a heartbeat of those wonderful and mysterious objects called speakers that live in all our rooms all our lives and yet which we never understood at all before you brought out your superb lexicon.

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