Winslow Burhoe

I have been designing innovative world-class speakers for a variety of companies since the late 1960s (AR, KLH, EPI, Burhoe Acoustics, Boston Acoustics, Energy, Nuance, etc.). My latest design uses a dramatic breakthrough in deep bass reproduction and uses all the refinements I know of to make the tonal sound reproduction natural and pleasing. This includes designing the cabinets to blend smoothly into the room acoustics. These are speakers I have designed for my own use.

I am so pleased with them that I am making them available to the public.

They are called “Silent Speakers” because their sound is so lifelike
that you cannot tell that you are listening to speakers.
The Silent Speaker

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Owner Endorsements

Vladimir Meller, recording engineer

I can’t create this kind of pounding bass with four big sub-woofers. Greatest little speaker I ever heard. Highs are there, mids are there, bass is unbelievable

Thomas Sheehan, piano technician and tuner

I remember the EPI line very well, especially the Model 100 which I used to recommend to all my friends in Boston. At the time I was chief piano technician at Berklee College of Music. Now that I’ve acquired these new speakers, I’m again entused about the work you’ve done and the products you have. They sound like musical instruments, not merely drivers pushing air!