I am inviting suggestions on new products for the Direct Acoustics line.  My own ideas include a bipolar version to duplicate the EPI Tower. and a miniature bookshelf to improve on the Burhoe Acoustics Crimson.


  1. David Plummer says:

    I’d like to see a quality competitor to the Grado headphone line that is capable
    of being driven by the typical wimpy output section of an ipod or similar. The impedance of
    the Grado phones, at 32 ohms, is really too low for op-amp based electronics. Throwing
    in some other magic – say baffle step compensation for an open-back design – would be nice
    also. I’d be interested in collaborating on this project, if you decide to look at it.


    David Plummmer

  2. norm says:

    in reproducing the epi tower (400-1000) what improvements can you forsee over the original models. what would an updated version of both cost in 2009?

  3. winslow says:

    The original EPI design had flaws in the midrange and the tweeter level was slightly too high for the woofer.

  4. norm says:

    so an improved epi 400 will be a marked improvement over the original? i would glady trade you two pair of original epi 250’s for a new model 400. gotta ask you know.

  5. jerzzy joe says:

    How about an updated version of the epi 100…not everyone has room for large speakers and music lovers don’t care about home theater…..thanks.

  6. Winslow says:

    The Direct II is not large. It is superior to home theater speakers in general. We are coming out with an inexpensive small speaker, an upgrade to the Burhoe Acoustics model Crimson.

  7. Dave F says:

    The market seems to demand home theater these days, so I would suggest a center channel and a surround. These could be loosely based on an updated Crimson, but packaging a complete set for a 5 or 7 channel HT setup could be a good idea. Of course, a matching sub would be good as well, but you could always simply include something from one of the small internet companies like GR Research or Acoustic Elegance.

    Was the Crimson the one with the 4.5” in a ported box? I have a pair of those on a shelf in the basement. They were a very nice sounding speaker. I’d love to have a pair of the Silvers.

  8. Jay says:

    Have you considered selling a device that would bring “phase cue Imaging” to a system with Silent Speakers? Perhaps an outboard device, something analogous to the old Dynaco Hafler circuit box (but better)? I assume it would require a fixed geometric relationship between the 2 stereo speakers and a third (center channel) speaker to be effective.

    Incidentally, I bought a pair of prototype ZVOX consoles from you in 2003, before there was even a name for the product. I am a satisfied customer and I thank you again for this innovative low-cost product.

  9. Winslow says:

    The purpose of the ZVOX product is to produce a complete stereo system in one box. I don’t see an advantage in using that technique with the Direct speakers.

  10. Jay says:

    I appreciate and understand your reply. My thought was that in a large room which could accommodate the Silent Speakers, a Phase Cue device might be beneficial. Thanks.

  11. John says:

    Looking forward to an inexpensive small speaker /update of model Crimson. Is there a target date?

    Just purchased a pair of EPI 1oo’s in great condition with new foam surrounds and capacitors. Hadn’t heard these speakers since the 70’s. Some pieces of music sound great but as you said above, I notice midrange gaps and tweeter level too high in some pieces of music. I have heard your Burhoe Acoustic speaker addressed this. Looking forward to Crimson update. I hope it’s about the same size as the old EPI 50’s

    Is there a fix to address the original EPI 100 flaws? Change in crossover point? or another way? If I were to simply adjust amp would you decrease treble or increase bass or a little of both. They are in a room with hardwood floors and stone fireplace and windows with not many soft surfaces.

    Also considering your Silent Speaker. What would be additional charge if any for shipping to Canada?

    Thanks for all your designs. Plan to get Zvox speaker system for use with our flat screen TV next Xmas


  12. fl beats says:

    Hiya from Holland! I have found your website on aol. Amazing content! Angela S. King x

  13. Ken Weslosky says:

    I have been reading about your Silent Speakers II with great interest. I do not know of anyone that has them. Is it possible to come to see them in Weston? I have a friend who is also interested in hearing them. Please let me know a day and time that is suitable for you.
    thanks, ken

  14. Winslow says:

    Of course

  15. Gary Brown says:

    Winslow. I am interested in the Silent Speaker and with regards to suggestions for additions to the product line, I would most like to see a center channel and surround speakers to compliment the line. I am concerned that any other speaker as a center channel or surround would sound too different and would affect the intended movie sound stage (i.e. sounds moving left to right and front to back, etc.)

    I have been shopping for a surround system for my home for both music and movies. I was looking at a satellite system but then one day was remembering my introduction to audio in high school and I Googled Burhoe Acoustics. It was at Northfield Mount Hermon School in western Massachusetts as a freshman in 1976. One of the guys in my dorm across the hall had a pair of Burhoe Acoustic speakers and they were by far the best speakers I had ever heard. I remember standing there just amazed listening to them. I went down to the audio store in Greenfield, MA. The manager had the Burhoe models lined up and let me listen to them one by one. That was the beginning of my love affair with audio. So needless to say, when I ran a Google search just to reminisce, I was thrilled to find your website and see that you are still making great speakers. I am planning to buy a pair of the Silent Speakers but am wondering how I will build my new surround system for movies with sound as good as my music listening in stereo. So my vote is for a center and surround speaker option.

  16. Steve Lefkowicz says:

    How about two things, based on the idea that the basic design of the original is so good:

    1 – a slightly smaller version of the Silent Speaker, using the same positioning scheme and general shape, just smaller, for use in smaller rooms or as sides/rears in a theater system.

    2 – An upscale/audiophile version using better drivers and maybe an additional tweeter for better dispersion and transparency, with possibly higher sensitivity to allow use with lower powered amps? Target the $2000 to $3000 range.

  17. Mark Dzialakiewicz says:

    Mr Winslow:

    Reading John Marks review of your Silent Speaker II made me want to build my own version of it. Not that I have any experience in speaker building. I’ve re-foamed a set of woofers recently if that counts.

    Anyway, it seems to me that the magic in your speaker is in the cabinet design, primarily the wave guide and slot at the bottom. And of course mounting the drivers on the top of the cabinet. However all the research I’ve done on the web hasn’t helped me to wrap my head around designing a cabinet like yours. I’m not very good at math, but I plan on learning to use the
    various calculators I’ve found.

    Now to the point. Is there any chance that you would share a detailed drawing of your cabinet? Something that I can scale up or down depending on the drivers I choose. Again, I’m not very good at math, but I can build from a drawing and follow directions pretty well. My thought was to use a small coaxial driver for a more or less kind of point source speaker with your cabinet design to get the most bottom end out of something like a 5 1/4″ speaker that I can.

    Thank you in advance, Mark Dzialakiewicz

  18. Winslow says:

    drawings are not available

  19. JJ says:

    A powered speaker to mate to a computer, a smaller powered version of the Burhoe Crimson!

  20. JJ says:

    Conmputer speakers, something powered and slightly smaller than the Burhoe Crimsons.

  21. Ley Westcott says:


    I attempted to copy you an email I wrote to both you and John Marks on the subject of the application of Electromagnetism to optimization of Biology, which I thought you both might find interesting and useful.

    I directed it to winslowburhoe@directacoustics.com, but it came back as a Mailor Daimon.

    Please advise of an address to which I might send to reach you. I hope this finds you well.


  22. Timothy L Frazeur says:

    I have been enjoying the Silent Speaker 2’s now for around 4 months or so, very wonderful speaker indeed. My thoughts on something “new” would be to have a single cabinet that would look like back-to-back Silents, with apropriate crossovers for this type of design-dare I say “similar” to Dick Shahinian’s Obelisk loudspeaker?

    I find the Silent to be very similar in musical quality and presentation to the Shahinian Arc, like others do, yet this is a very affordable speaker to the masses, maybe an affordable “Obelisk” would likewise work?

    Thanks Winslow again, for a fine design, and a very affordable one at that. The music they make is quite enjoyable! Tim

  23. krishan says:


    I am from india,and currently reading on the net about the lifelike sound of the omni speakers withyour work owith different speaker manufacturers and also happen to come across review of your speakers on stereophile,and would wish to know more about these speakers and the kind of sound,with price and is it possible to use these speakers in home theatre configuration.

  24. Brian Corcoran says:

    Hello Winslow,

    I am interested in the Silent Speaker 2s, but I am wondering with my setup: Rogue M150 tube monoblocks (rated at 150 Wpc) would these amps be compatible with/overpower the 2s? My amps can be wired for 4 or 8 ohm speakers; the 2s are rated at 6 ohms with minimum 4 ohms – would I wire the 2s for 4 or 8 ohms?

    The reason I am interested in the 2s is the review I found in Stereophile and they rated them well and as a potential contendor for budget product of the year – so there must be something good here! My past speaker setup were Magnaplanar 1.7s with REL T3 subwoofers (I had a very large listening room then – now I don’t) mostly to listen to Jazz.

    Any advise would be appreciated. Thank you.

  25. jack dale says:

    hello ! well i saw this Meniscus Philharmonic Audio BMR 3 way speaker kit and it seems an in interesting kit and it does use a scan speak speaker for the woofer . and a BMR for the mid only
    I can see this as rear, side above,and center channel in a HT system however< for the front speakers I would prefer floor standing speakers w/ Two woofers in a push-pull configuration.
    I need someone to cook up a recipe, plan, design for a speaker like that !
    Lets use the scan speak woofers! ? 18 mm 21mm,22,mm 26mm 28mm,32mm,38mm ?
    maybe a floor model Meniscus Philharmonic Audio BMR kit ( w/ the twin woofers in push -pull ?
    as reminder :
    the push-pull design of the woofers :
    "The Push-Pull Design used in Speakers is used to reduce second harmonic distortion. The results are typically a 10dB reduction of distortion in the second harmonic. Allison Made use of this technique in a few other designs like the IC20, and the AL series. "
    photo Allison AL 130 ( i just bought two empty cabinets and grilles only ! need to fill them w/ Allison drivers ( virtually impossible to find NOS , used or new )
    btw, in the Allison design the woofers crossed to mid@ 450 hz ! the mid and tweeter were convex designs!
    someone should make them again ! to both service, supply the Allison owners AND to allow their use in new design! ?

  26. Winslow says:


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